Why people recommend Melissa's DVD

-- Your styling DVD is the best I have seen yet, In the pass I bought a few from others and they don’t even come close. Your DVD was amazing; it explained step by step how to do the styling moves and made it very easy for me to learn from it… I have recommended to a few of the girls in our salsa school. I know how to do the body roll and hair whip thanks to your DVD. I’m a very slow learner but your dvd was very easy to understand. You also have a section with bonus steps… Hopefully one day you will decide to do another one.
From Idaly (New Jersey)

-- The DVD is great! I really like the breakdown of styling your hands and arms. In addition, the dvd is very easy to follow. This is a DVD that every lady should have in their salsa arsenal if they want to dance with elegance and grace! Well done!!!!!!
From Cheryl (St. Louis)

I have been enjoying your DVD immensely! I really appreciate the breakdown - step by step and count by count, and seeing the steps/styling from both back and front views. I am very conscious about my thin arms when I dance and your DVD has gotten me to be more comfortable in showing them off as I dance. I would highly recommend this video to anyone who wishes to step up their styling. Thank you for producing a DVD that does just that.
From Celeste (Brooklyn)

-- Well, I enjoyed the DVD a lot. At first, it was hard to use the moves on the dance floor even if I understood them totally but now I got used to them. My favorites are body and booty rolls. I use them a lot in my dancing. Thank you for your clean and motivating explanations in the DVD and I recommend it to anyone who want to flavour their dance with a lady feeling.
From Ebru (Istanbul)

-- The Dvd was helpful!! Showing the styling moves in different positions was great. And the partner dance at the end of each tutorial was helpful as well. Ladies styling is still challenging for me, but i hope to learn more with practice.
From Lisa (Orlando)

-- I choose your DVD because I remembered how you glided on the stage and how I could do what you did! I enjoy the breakdown of the steps and then the example with a partner in your DVD. I see a lot of on 2 dancers that teach a lot of flashy styles and confusing patterns, but what I like about you is your smoothness and styling. Because of your video, I don't feel self-conscious about doing any of the moves and I can add some flavor with a body wave or a head whip! I like how the dvd builds confidence, but is easy to follow. I wouldn't say it is beginner, although a beginner could follow. You explain everything, show different angles (front and back) and then show your style and the other lady's style.

I would very much recommend your DVD to ladies like myself who want to learn styling, but are either too self-conscious to do styling on the dance floor or who forget the patterns they learn in class. They will want to repeat the moves in your video!!!! Nothing you teach is mechanical or outrageous, it is elegant! So I thank you, dear Melissa, for teaching me elegance with style.
From Ademola (San Antonio)

-- I am very thankful for you. I needed to have an instructor that made mambo fun. I watched your videos on You Tube and knew that you would be able to help me. Your video is awesome. It is thorough and I recommend it to on1 and on2 dancers. It has improved my styling and helped to build my confidence. Not only does it help with salsa but it is a great workout as well. You help women feel classy and sexy.
From Miriam (Tallahasee)

-- I think Melissa is great. She is able to "break-down" her styling techniques in a way that is very easy for us beginners to absorb. Having the DVD was the next best thing to having Melissa in person. This DVD is great for anyone starting out to advance dancers who want to polish their skills. I can't wait for the next one.
From Adrienne (New York, NY)

-- Melissa is an incredible person, funny, outgoing, with a smile that leaves a sign, full of energy and passionate. She is to me the most wonderful and talented dancer, natural and sophisticated at the same time, she is able to catch you and fall in love with dancing, I can't ever stop watching her on the dance floor and on stage performing. A true star! The DVD shows some of the basic moves with a great breakdown so that you find easy to practise and learn how to perform it correctly. I would highly recommend to buy it, you will benefit from it and you will see the results quickly.
From Alessia (Italy)